Honoring Those Who Serve

Choosing to serve your country in the military is a decision of monumental consequence. The choice comes with great challenges—physical and mental—and ultimately it shapes a person’s future in many ways that are obvious, but also in ways that are unseen. Whether a selfless act of devotion or a decision stemming from lack of alternative opportunities, in the end those who choose to join the United States armed forces enter into a unique and diverse group that unifies people from all walks of life.

City & State is proud to honor 10 people who are part of that diverse group of soldiers, sailors and Marines who served our country in the military and then chose to serve the communities they returned to through their work—whether it be at a nonprofit, in business or in government and politics.

Our inaugural class of Above & Beyond: Honoring Those Who Serve includes a Marine helping fellow veterans get college degrees; a senior airman who is helping veterans start and grow small businesses throughout New York City; and a Navy lieutenant who now leads the state’s 12th-largest county.

They are joined by seven other honorees who have equally compelling and distinct stories to tell. We detail their military service and how it impacted their futures and helped them build successful careers.