If 2014 was the year of progressive change in New York City – with a liberal mayor and City Council coming to power after 12 years of a moderate technocratic administration – 2015 could be characterized as a regression to the mean. 

The honeymoon is firmly over for Mayor Bill de Blasio, who saw much of the public enthusiasm for his political agenda wane in his second year. Meanwhile, the promise of an activist City Council has begun to fade as Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and nearly half of the council approach lame duck status.

In fact, the 2017 election year played a role in the overall churn of this year’s list. Rumored mayoral challengers like Rep. Hakeem Jeffries made their Power 100 debut partly as a result of the constant intrigue around whether they will run. And several council members emerged on the list as possible successors to Mark-Viverito, a result of behind-the-scenes maneuvering that has already begun. Apparently it’s never too early to start campaigning.

There was also a reshuffling of the city’s lobbying, business, real estate and labor interests, now that a clearer picture has emerged of which organizations and individuals have access and clout in City Hall. And as de Blasio’s inner circle of advisers has winnowed to a select few, we tried to accurately reflect who the mayor listens to when shaping his policies.

This list will undoubtedly be met with some criticism, as is the case every year, but our rankings were not made lightly. We reached out to sources to get a sense of what they were seeing. We considered pitches from all corners of government. And we took all of the feedback we got with a grain of salt and a skeptical mind. In the end, we have come up with a list that we believe accurately reflects the current political landscape in New York City – one that will hopefully ignite a vigorous debate.

President, Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York


Gary LaBarbera

Last Year's Rank: 58

Change: 0

Chancellor, New York State Board of Regents


Merryl Tisch

Last Year's Rank: 45

Change: -12

New York City Councilman


Jumaane Williams

Last Year's Rank: n/a

Change: n/a

Legislative-Political Coordinator, Communications Workers of America, District 1


Bob Master

Last Year's Rank: 78

Change: +23

Brooklyn Democratic Party Chairman


Frank Seddio

Last Year's Rank: 40

Change: -14

Founder and President, Kasirer Consulting


Suri Kasirer

Last Year's Rank: 48

Change: -5

Assemblyman and Manhattan Democratic Party Chairman


Keith Wright

Last Year's Rank: 56

Change: +4

Executive Director, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey


Pat Foye

Last Year's Rank: 32

Change: -19

New York City Public Advocate


Letitia James

Last Year's Rank: 70

Change: +20

Counsel to the Mayor


Maya Wiley

Last Year's Rank: 83

Change: +34

State Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader


Jeff Klein

Last Year's Rank: 62

Change: +14



Jerrold Nadler

Last Year's Rank: 66

Change: +19

Publisher, New York Daily News


Mort Zuckerman

Last Year's Rank: 24

Change: -22

Executive Vice President and Director, Forest City Enterprises


Bruce Ratner

Last Year's Rank: 42

Change: -3

Brooklyn Borough President


Eric Adams

Last Year's Rank: 44

Change: 0

Partner, Hilltop Public Solutions


Rebecca Katz

Last Year's Rank: n/a

Change: n/a



Peter King

Last Year's Rank: 57

Change: +15

General Manager, Uber NYC


Josh Mohrer

Last Year's Rank: n/a

Change: n/a



Joe Crowley

Last Year's Rank: 60

Change: +20

Chairman and CEO, News Corporation


Rupert Murdoch

Last Year's Rank: 27

Change: -12

Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives


Richard Buery

Last Year's Rank: 25

Change: -13