In an exclusive interview in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican Senate President Eduardo Bhatia tells City & State TV that a large rally is planned for Thursday, Nov. 5 - coinciding with the start of the Somos el Futuro fall conference. 

Speaking to City & State Editor-at-Large Gerson Borrero, Bhatia praised Gov. Andrew Cuomo for recently sending a delegation to the island to discuss the health care problems.

"What came out of that meeting was that many of Puerto Ricans problems, New York had them a number of years ago," he said. "And the question then becomes, how did you solve the problems."

Bhatia went on to say he is convinced that Cuomo will be back in Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks for Somos el Futuro and will be a part of the rally planned for Nov. 5.  

"We are expecting everyone from the diaspora, from New York, to participate in that rally," Bhatia added. "I think the governor will be participating. Many religious groups in Puerto Rico will be participating. The Senate, the House, I understand the executive will allow the day [off] for our workers to participate."

The Senate president went on to say the rally will try to drive home the point that Puerto Ricans are being treated as second-class citizens when it comes to health care.