Bill de Blasio

Why stop with Billy Idol? We want more, more, more

More public service announcements from ’80s icons.

Billy Idol at a press conference with Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing a war on idling.

Billy Idol at a press conference with Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing a war on idling. Jeff Coltin

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio took a quick break from looking over the mony mony in the city budget and, with a rebel yell, held one of the most theatrical press conferences of his six-year tenure, inviting ’80s rock star Billy Idol to a press conference announcing a war on idling – like, cars. The tag line: “Billy Never Idles – Neither Should You.” 

Why dance with yourself when you can team up with a celebrity? Since City & State subscribes to the theory of more, more, more – we’re suggesting some other civic-minded campaigns for the stars of the Reagan years.

  • Axl Rose from his seat for an elderly person. You should too.
  • Van Halen a cab? Stay on the sidewalk.
  • Cher your time. Volunteer with NYC Service.
  • Vanilla doesn’t cooperate with ICE. Neither does New York City.
  • Don't Run-DMC red lights. Sucker!
  • Tom never Cruises above the speed limit. Neither should you.
  • Jane is Fonda New York. Visit the five boroughs! 
  • Billy Joel didn’t start the track fire. Be like Billy.
  • Brooke Shields her phone. Avoid subway theft.
  • Winona doesn’t Ryder bike on the sidewalk. Neither should you.
  • Diane never blocks bike Lanes. Be respectful of city cyclists.
  • Glenn doesn’t get too Close. A crowded train is no excuse for inappropriate touching.
  • E.T. phones home – but not on the bus. Respect your fellow commuters.
  • David doesn’t Byrne. Wear sunscreen at the beach.
  • Farrah turns off her Fawcett while brushing her teeth. Save water.
  • Iggy doesn't play Pop after 10 p.m. Neither should you. 
  • Meatloaf will do anything for love. But he won’t ride between subway cars.
  • Madonna wears a face mask when she’s sick. Ma, don a face mask too.
  • Mariah Careys her dog in a bag when taking the subway. You should too. 
  • Tom Waits for riders to exit the bus before boarding. You should too.
  • Don't Pat Bene-tarnish New York’s image. Throw your trash where it belongs.
  • Make doves cry, like Prince. Please don’t feed the birds.