New York City

2021 New York City comptroller primary election results

Going into the comptroller race, everyone thought Corey Johnson had it in the bag, but by the end of the night, Council Member Brad Lander was in the lead.

Brad Lander

Brad Lander lev radin/Shutterstock

While polling has shown New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson in the lead in the city’s comptroller race, progressive City Council Member Brad Lander remains well ahead of the pack so far. Lander, who has gotten the backing of left-leaning lawmakers and organizations, is the favorite first-choice candidate for voters while Johnson remains as the second-top contender. Behind them is former CNBC contributor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, while the remaining candidates are polling in the single digits so far. 

It’s still too soon to declare an official winner in the race to become the city’s fiscal watchdog, given that absentee and affidavit ballots need to be counted and ranked-choice votes need to be tabulated. But Lander and Johnson are the most likely winners based on the results from Tuesday night. 



Brad Lander: 31.31%

Corey Johnson: 22.54%

Brian Benjamin: 7.71%

Kevin Parker: 5.88%

David Weprin: 6.95%

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera: 13.56%

Reshma Patel: 5.17%

Zach Iscol: 3.10%

Terri Liftin: 1.07%

Alex Pan: 2.52%


96.62% of scanners reported.