Tish James, Lupé Todd-Medina, and Andrea Stewart-Cousins.
Some of our favorite Page Ones from this year’s magazines.
President Donald Trump speaking at Republican debate in 2015
During the first presidential debate, the president compared New York to a “ghost town.”
Bloomberg at a campaign rally in Tennessee days before dropping out of the presidential race.
The former New York City mayor couldn’t replicate his winning formula nationally.
Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes
They have more beliefs, or interests, in common than it may appear.
Michael Bloomberg Charleston debate 2020
The former New York City mayor performed somewhat better, but missed his opportunities.
Michael Bloomberg as Mayor of New York City in 2010.
The former New York City mayor’s plan to distance himself from his controversial record isn’t going as planned.
Michael Bloomberg and Sen. Elizabeth Warren at the Democratic debate in Nevada this Wednesday.
His presidential rivals criticized him on stop and frisk, his wealth and sexual harassment lawsuits.
Michael Bloomberg with Donald and Melania Trump in 2001.
Take our quiz: Can you tell which billionaire made these demeaning remarks?
Michael Bloomberg in Texas in February.
It’s not his first time at the rodeo, after all.