2021 NYC Mayoral Candidates

Ray McGuire at the first in-person mayoral debate.
The former Citigroup executive doesn’t want to be too closely associated with his industry.
Scott Stringer at Coney Island on April 9.
Three constants in the New York City comptroller’s career have been his liberal politics, ambition and work ethic.
Five New York City mayoral candidates attend a forum hosted by City & State.
A few days before early voting starts, five mayoral candidates jockeyed for position on Monday night.
NYC Mayoral Candidate Shaun Donovan
The former HUD secretary may not know what a home costs in Brooklyn, but he has a long, if sometimes controversial, record of tangible accomplishments on affordable housing.
Dianne Morales
Dianne Morales is the mayoral field’s unapologetic progressive. It’s won her fierce and energetic supporters, but some doubt she can win over the city.
Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley with Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2014.
The veteran civil rights activist and attorney has always prioritized racial equity, but hasn’t always produced tangible results.
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in Jan. 2021.
The Brooklyn borough president has spent his career serving the city – and making controversial moves along the way.
New York City mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia
Supporters say the former Sanitation commissioner’s record prepared to be mayor, but do voters care?
Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang at a rally against hate in Columbus Park.
The mayoral contender has run successful companies and built a nonprofit, but it didn’t turn around cities like he hoped it would.
Dianne Morales is running an optimistic campaign for mayor of New York City.
Former staff and fellow nonprofit executives knew Dianne Morales, the progressive mayoral candidate, as a leader with big plans.