The Jersey City skyline.
Jersey City residents voted in favor of strict regulations on short-term rentals.
New York state Assemblyman Michael Blake.
The Assemblyman worked as a political consultant for a firm that was paid by Airbnb. 
Some observers are saying that the road to an IPO will be a bumpy one.
The tech company hopes the new legislation will lead to the NYC Council reconsidering its stance on home-sharing.
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New York City’s Office of Special Enforcement is filing a suit against 13 people and entities that the city says turned housing units in 36 buildings into illegal rentals.
An apartment set up to Airbnb.
Airbnb is no stranger to regulatory pushback, but in New York City, the company’s various legal battles are heating up.
The ongoing legal battle between city officials and the home-sharing company continues.
irbnb and RXR Realty will collaborate to convert New York City buildings into hotel space.
The new bill would prohibit short-term rentals in all affordable New York City housing.
Josh Mohrer, then Uber's New York manager, led a rally in front of City Hall in 2015 while the council considered a cap on for-hire vehicles.
Uber drove circles around would-be regulators. That doesn’t work anymore.