State Senate Housing Committee Chair Brian Kavanagh
Lawmakers and activists say a new eviction moratorium is the first step in a wider 2021 effort.
Cuomo has required lawmakers to stay in Albany during the coronavirus crisis.
Now comes the time to see if lawmakers can keep Cuomo from getting his way on a variety of proposals.
Amid coronavirus fears, New York State politicians remain in Albany.
Officials say they have no plans to revise the session calendar.
Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair  Jeffrey Dinowitz.
Reformers want the judiciary to make more appointments on a proposed state ethics commission.
Mike Bloomberg 2020 sign in Albany
The presidential contender’s supporters made his case at the popular conference in Albany.
State Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan.
Republicans are finding some political openings at the start of the state legislative session.
Behind the scenes from City & State's 2019 Albany 40 Under 40 cover shoot with Julia Salazar.
This year’s Albany 40 Under 40 reflects the demographic cohort’s rising influence. 
President Donald Trump during at a press conference in the East Room of the White House.
A state bill that could force Trump to release his tax returns is not the first effort
Why not take a chance on the Schenectady Scheme?
How to really make an impact with economic development funds? Come up with an alliterative nickname.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act into law.
Rounding up the week's political news.