Andrew Cuomo

The Queens council member is eyeing a job in the Cuomo administration.
Cuomo worked with Paul Rudd in a video promoting mask wearing.
Cuomo worked with the actor on a new public service announcement aimed at college students.
SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras.
Jim Malatras’ installation is either a power grab – or the university system’s only hope.
State lawmakers have been waiting for Cuomo to finalize a budget.
The storyline of fixing the state’s budget deficit remains as unresolved as ever.
Governor Cuomo with coronavirus mountain, which he appears to believe he has conquered.
Maybe he’ll declare victory over world hunger next.
Grey box with words "Winners & Losers" written in black
Who's up and who's down this week?
Governor Cuomo on August 5, 2020.
A new book and DNC speech suggest an accelerating effort to downplay the governor’s early pandemic failings.
De Blasio and Dr. Oxiris Barbot.
Hizzoner keeps his enemies far and his friends farther.
Governor Cuomo in Georgia on July 20 announces that  New York State will establish two church testing sites in Savannah.
A trip to Georgia reveals a more contemplative governor on New York’s coronavirus response.
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on June 23rd, New York's primary day.
The de facto leaders of the progressive and centrist Democrats clashed again and again.