Andrew Cuomo

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks to the media after the Senate passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Chuck Schumer disagree. Here’s what the math shows.
President Trump during the governor's teleconference on partnership for the COVID-19 response on March 26th.
This isn’t the first time Trump has apparently punished his former home for political reasons.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the New York State Fair.
… so we made him a dating profile.
Governor Cuomo at the Javits Center on Monday, March 23rd.
New York’s COVID-19 outbreak has pushed the governor into the national spotlight.
Governor Cuomo announces distribution of health care supplies to New York City, Long Island and Westchester hospitals.
The governor is having better luck boosting the state’s hospital capacity.
Cuomo announcing delivery of supplies at the Javits Center on Monday.
A combination drug therapy and plasma serum will be tested on the state’s sickest patients.
A medical technician prepares a COVID-19 test at a New York State Department of Health drive-through testing facility at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island.
The state is prioritizing testing for COVID-19, but New York City wants to save scarce resources for treating the sick.
Governor Cuomo on March 19th.
But the governor says it’s not a shelter in place order.
Who's up and who's down this week?
President Trump at a briefing on the coronavirus on Friday, March 13th.
The president will determine what the governor and state legislative leaders can do.