Andy Byford

Platform tiles being replaced by MTA employees.
Experts weigh in on new proposals to shake up the embattled transportation authority.
A new report has grand plans to slim down the troubled transit authority.
1 train
The Fast Forward plan would modernize the subway system’s decades-old signaling system over the next 10 years.
MTA president Andy Byford at a 2018 press conference.
Cuomo reportedly has it out for the man who’s saving the MTA.
A cat licking its paw shows off its now-legally protected claws.
The two lawmakers championed a state ban on cat declawing.
Is NYC Transit President Andy Byford in or out?
NYC’s subway chief is confronting rumors that he’s on the way out.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and subways chief Andy Byford are at odds over how to update subway signals. They both might be right.
Todd Kaminsky in the Senate chambers in Albany.
The Long Island Democrat was voted the biggest winner in the state budget.
An accessible vehicle.
The NYC Transit President admits "we let you down” to MTA customers.