congestion pricing

A congestion charge point sign in London.
How much drivers pay could depend on what technology is used to charge them.
The Bear Mountain Bridge is just one part of New York's transportation infrastructure that could be helped by a "vehicle-miles traveled fee."
The nonprofit Citizens Budget Commission released a report detailing the possibilities presented by a “vehicle-miles traveled fee.”
It’s not just about the dollar bills and quicker commutes
The MTA is wasting no time soliciting implementation options for congestion pricing beyond the traditional camera method.
The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority are looking for tech assistance to help them build out a tolling system.
Can congestion pricing help decrease traffic in the city?
It may have been part of the budget, but lawmakers punted on many of the details
Governor Andrew Cuomo.
Congestion pricing and bail reform made the cut, along with a public financing commission.
State Sen. Jessica Ramos.
State Sen. Jessica Ramos says investing in public transit is a labor issue.
Yellow and Green Cab drivers protesting last year outside of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Midtown office against the congestion charge for Manhattan drivers.
The ride-hail app has spent $1 million in its campaign to pass congestion pricing
Rush hour traffic in on the Brooklyn Bridge
The governor and mayor are aligned, but a few unanswered questions remain for congestion pricing’s future.
New York City Subway workers repairing a Subway station.
Three key lawmakers weigh in on the governor’s plan to fund the MTA.