Saturday kicks off the start of the nine-day early voting period across New York, which lasts through Nov. 1.
Rounding up the week’s political news
A teacher conducts class remotely at One World Middle School at Edenwald in the Bronx.
New York City prepares for the long haul.
A student and teacher at Mosaic Pre-K Center in Queens on September 21.
New York is slowly recovering. Here’s a look at key figures in the state.
In June, the governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut formed a joint quarantine agreement for travelers from other states.
Cuomo says it’s impractical to bar travel from New York’s neighbors.
De Blasio championed some of the key actions the state took to curb the spread of the virus before Cuomo did.
New Yorkers may have more love for Cuomo, but on some COVID-19 policies, de Blasio got there first.
Many New York City students are sill waiting on laptops and tablets to make remote learning possible.
New reports reveal that students still do not have tablets or internet service required to participate in remote classes.
President Donald Trump, with Abbott’s ID NOW rapid COVID-19 tests.
What we know about the 400,000 15-minute tests New York is sending to schools, hospitals and local governments.
The results from New York City's testing initiative at schools suggests young children are less susceptible to contracting and transmitting COVID-19.
New York City tested a significant portion of its students and teachers in early October. Out of 10,676 tests only 18 were positive.
A coronavirus vaccine will likely receive emergency approval from the federal government sometime in the next month or two.
Here is what we know about the state plans for a coronavirus vaccine
Heshy Tischler
Rounding up the week’s political news.