Criminal justice

The Rochester police confronting protesters in September 2020.
Even though the city created a non-police unit to deal with individuals in emotional distress, they weren’t on the scene.
The Moderna Vaccine
New York goes against CDC recommendations by not vaccinating corrections officers and inmates at the same time.
Ángel Solís
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done it through executive order, but this would make the change permanent.
Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver leaves U.S. District Court after he was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison on July 20, 2020.
The former Assembly speaker is finally serving time – and he’s staying in prison.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo appeared in Lowville in 2015 to promote winter tourism in upstate New York.
An annotated press release of the governor’s statement on the village of Lowville “reinventing and modernizing” its police department.
The Manhattan Detention Complex known as "The Tombs."
Prisoners have just a week left to claim their stimulus checks. But many say they have not been provided with the paperwork.
Differences on criminal justice reforms emerge among the candidates for Manhattan district attorney.
Famous for taking down crime lords, conspiracy charges are now more often levied against young Black men.
A light pole with a surveillance camera at the World Trade Center.
The department is facing multiple lawsuits over the use and disclosure of its digital surveillance practices.
NYPD officers talk to members of the Orthodox community in Borough Park on October 7th.
Heavy-handed tactics against Black Lives Matter protests were absent Tuesday night.