Criminal justice

Protestors on the Brooklyn Bridge after the conclusion of Breonna Taylor's trial that ended without convictions for the officers involved.
After nearly two decades of inaction, Breonna Taylor’s death may lead to reforms.
The New York Times published a report on the details of Trump's tax returns on Sunday, September 27th.
The president’s tax returns feature several red flags for possibly fraudulent behavior, experts say.
Black Lives Matter protestors at New York City Hall on June 23rd.
While NYC has quieted down, activists are gearing up for their next big fights.
A New York City corrections bus.
A state Senate hearing examined what else could be done to help incarcerated people.
Protestors on July 17, 2019 memorializing five years since the murder of Eric Garner.
The council is planning to introduce the legislation Thursday following outcries from the NYPD and police unions.
The 9-millimeter semiautomatic is attached at the hip to every officer in the New York Police Department from their first day in uniform to their last.
Police reform advocates say disarming police would save lives.
New York State Attorney General Letitia on August 6th taking questions after announcing that New York State will sue the NRA. after announcing
Charity law experts say the allegations are bad enough to pursue dissolution, but that’s an unlikely outcome.
Still from the video of Nikki Stone's arrest at 2nd ave and 25th Street.
Arrests by plainclothes officers in unmarked vehicles are common in communities of color, advocates and legislators say.
Defunding the NYPD could mean more well rounded solutions to addressing homelessness.
Advocates have pushed for the money to go toward youth initiatives, mental health outreach and more.
Chairperson at Black Lives Matter New York Hawk Newsome at a protest at Times Square on June 7, 2020.
Advocates explain why having more transparency is important in the movement to end police brutality.