Diane Savino

A scattering of state Senators on the Senate floor March 29th.
The state Legislature appears unlikely to follow the New York City Council in voting-by-Zoom.
State Senator Diane Savino
The ex-IDC member on the most controversial issues in health care.
An Uber vehicle.
Sen. Diane Savino will hold a public hearing on Tuesday to hear from stakeholders, gig workers and labor organizers.
Diane Savino
AB5 would turn gig workers into full employees, and New York may soon follow.
A delivery cyclist.
You may have OT, minimum wage and discrimination safeguards. Does your delivery guy?
Former IDC member David Carlucci passed 61 bills, the most in the Senate.
The IDC’s last two former members aren’t just surviving – they’re thriving.
The New York State Capitol in Albany.
Sen. Kevin Thomas’s New York Privacy Act and state Sen. Diane Savino’s Dependent Worker Act are among the bills stalled until next session.
Uber app.
Both labor and industry are fighting the 11th-hour legislation.
Hands rolling a joint
Negotiations stalled over the weekend, but there are back-up bills
Person working on a laptop.
A new bill would require state contractors to use work-monitoring software. Some fear privacy risks.