Donald Trump

President Trump on July 7, 2020.
New York is just one step closer to seeing President Donald Trump’s personal finances.
Twitter began fact-checking President Trump this week.
We suggested a few tweets from New York lawmakers that might elicit a double-take from Twitter’s fact checkers.
President Trump during the coronavirus update briefing on April 27th.
Trump repeatedly turns to immigration policies as bargaining chips with New York.
State Budget Director Robert Mujica 2020
New York would slash health care and education – unless the federal government comes through.
President Trump during a coronavirus update briefing on Monday, March 30th.
The governor is still trying to play nice with the president.
President Trump answering press questions alongside the COVID-19 task force on April 9th.
The White House’s congressional task force on reopening the economy leaves out lawmakers from the epicenter of the outbreak.
Andrew Cuomo Phil Murphy
Cuomo and other governors pitch Trump on a multi-state pact to reopen for business.
President Trump during the governor's teleconference on partnership for the COVID-19 response on March 26th.
This isn’t the first time Trump has apparently punished his former home for political reasons.
President Trump at a briefing on the coronavirus on Friday, March 13th.
The president will determine what the governor and state legislative leaders can do.
President Trump and Governor Cuomo continue to bump heads on how to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.
The governor wants the Army Corps of Engineers to build hospital beds.