Eric Ulrich

New York Assemblyman Michael Blake preaching.
‘I am the church, and I am the state.’
Public advocate-elect Jumaane Williams meets with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio at City Hall the day after his election victory.
Williams’ win was too broad to suggest potential paths to victory for other Dems.
Jumaane Williams.
New York City’s public advocate special election results.
A 'vote here' sign outside of the Park Slope library in Brooklyn for Tuesday's public advocate special election.
New Yorkers may vote for public advocate four times this year.
New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams shakes hands at the Canarsie Senior Center on Veterans Day.
An updated look at who's backing whom in the special election.
Grey box with words "Winners & Losers" written in black
Roger Stone's latest dirty trick made him last week's biggest loser.
Nomiki Konst during the second new york city public advocate debate
Another look at which candidate got the biggest post-debate bump this week.
Debate between NY1's Public Advocate candidates at CUNY-TV, NYC.
Predicting the outcome of next Tuesday’s special election.
New York City public advocate candidates sit down for a moderated discussion.
What you should know about the people campaigning to be the next NYC public advocate.
Jumaane Williams.
Taking a closer look at the candidates trying to convince us they just want to be public advocate.