George Floyd

What is the Defund the Police movement about?
Is it a viable criminal justice solution?
Protestors at City Hall on June 24, 2020.
Hundreds of activists are camping out, calling for a $1 billion cut to the police budget.
The NYPD arresting protestors in Manhattan on June 5th.
The tab will tell you whatever its police sources say, other facts notwithstanding.
The Juneteenth flag
Cuomo’s executive order gives state employees the day off in honor of the holiday. What is it all about?
NYPD officers in riot gear responding to a protest on June 3, 2020.
What’s poised to change for the police – and whether it will make a difference.
Protestors in Long Island on June 14th.
Anti-racism activism isn't just in big cities and liberal college towns any more.
Defunding the NYPD could mean more well rounded solutions to addressing homelessness.
Advocates have pushed for the money to go toward youth initiatives, mental health outreach and more.
The Christopher Columbus statue in Columbus Circle.
Recent protests have sparked renewed interest in what to do about some of the state’s problematic monuments.
New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams leads protesters on a march across the Brooklyn Bridge on June 9, 2020.
Rounding up the week’s political news.
Assembly Member Michael Blake stands in solidarity with Assembly members in favor of new legislation for Police Reform during a news briefing at the state Capitol, in Albany on June 8th.
The movement against racism and police brutality has reshaped the electoral landscape.