Health Care

Excelsior pass
New York’s Excelsior Pass can’t be equitable until vaccinations are equitable, some advocates say.
The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.
Overcoming hesitancy among residents and getting them to vaccination sites pose challenges.
Outdoor dining in NYC
More transmissible COVID-19 variants are rapidly spreading, yet restrictions are being loosened.
Students at One World Middle School at Edenwald in the Bronx.
Getting them back into the classroom will help, but they’ll need more mental health support when they return.
Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sep. 27, 2021.
The governor is being criticized over the issue again. Here’s everything that has happened on it.
The Manhattan Detention Complex, a municipal jail in Lower Manhattan.
Most New York jails don’t allow the treatment, but there’s a bill to change that.
The temporary hospital set up at the Javits Center in March 2020.
New York’s hospitals proved resilient, while health care disparities remained.
A lack of transparency surrounds rising Medicaid costs in New York.
The state was quietly busting through its self-imposed Medicaid spending cap – and that was before the pandemic struck.
The rates of people suffering from depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other mental health issues increased steadily across the state last year.
The state’s residents are dealing with heightened levels of anxiety, depression and substance abuse – with too few resources available to them.
In NYC black women are eight to 12 times more likely than white women to die during child birth.
New York City has a huge racial disparity in health problems among pregnant women.