NYC tenants will no longer have to pay broker's fees.
While renters rejoice, the real estate industry fears the worst.
New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer.
The New York City comptroller wants to require affordable units in all new developments and eliminate 421a.
States are legalizing turning garages into apartments.
The state should legalize turning garages into apartments.
New York City has been sending homeless people around the country, and now the cities they move to are pushing back.
A better payment process is vital for the program housing the city’s homeless, critics say.
Waterfront apartments in Williamsburg, seen from the East River.
If a lawsuit against Marin County, California succeeds in the Supreme Court, the New York policy could be vulnerable.
The Manhattan skyline looking out of a high rise window.
Tenant advocates want it, REBNY hates it and the Council is leaning in favor.
NYC apartments
But the increasingly conservative judiciary might be persuaded by it.
Luxury apartment buildings on the edge of New York City's Central Park.
You’d think assessing New York City’s condos and coops like other homes would be a simple fix. Here’s why it isn’t.
Brownstones near Prospect Park.
City & State compiled a list of key terms.
Brownstones in New York City's Greenwich Village area.
Democratic candidates have begun proposing housing affordability plans. Here’s what they get right, get wrong, and can’t do.