Pier and Long Island City at sunset, seen from Gantry Plaza State Park, Queens.
There's no shortage of policy proposals inspired by the deal-gone-wrong.
Long Island City.
Lawmakers infuriated by Amazon’s HQ2 announcement want to overhaul the state’s economic development policies.
Can New York City still achieve the tech growth it had hoped for?
Tech companies are adding jobs in NYC.
Micro cellular 3G, 4G, 5G base station.
New York needs to develop the infrastructure to support the tech sector
Props inverting Amazon's trademark logo were a mainstay at numerous protests against the company's proposed HQ2 in Queens last year.
A new college poll reveals most New Yorkers were sad to see Amazon abandon its HQ2 plans
Attention has turned back to the company's warehouse labor conditions
Amazon headquarters located in Silicon Valley.
Some are still begging for Amazon to come back, but their approach to winning the next HQ2 might need some adjustments.
Andrew Cuomo Michael Gianaris and Jeff Bezos.
Cuomo was imperial, de Blasio was negligent, Amazon was arrogant and legislators were petty. Why is anyone surprised?
New York State Capitol
Lawmakers want to make sure Cuomo never goes over their heads again.
New York Wheel.
Amazon wasn’t the first big project to get killed in New York City.