Construction at Hudson Yards in 2014 shows early signs of a trans-Hudson tunnel.
Spending money to advance the Gateway rail tunnel and other projects could jump-start the economy when New York reopens.
What does the coronavirus mean for New York City's supply chain?
Some experts say sick drivers could cause shortages, but others say the system could adapt.
“The Empire Station Complex,” would be comprised of three connected stations.
Here’s what you need to know about the proposal.
The Verazzano-Narrows Bridge.
All politics is local when it comes to pork barrel infrastructure projects.
Supporters of a bill to set minimum pay levels for the construction trades are vowing to renew their efforts in 2020.
The legislation is exposing fissures within the Democratic Party.
Metro Rail on Main Street in downtown Buffalo, NY.
State lawmakers want more funding for roads and bridges in the next capital plan.
Long Island Railroad train during the morning commute.
And how they're coming along.
A man riding a bike
The City Council passed requirements for 150 miles of miles of protected bus lines, 250 miles of protected bike lanes and more.
Brooklyn's Fort Greene Park in the fall.
Some neighbors of parks getting a makeover think it will do more harm than good.
A view of the west side of Manhattan.
Trump is determined not to fund the project. Can NY and NJ make it happen anyway?