The 2018 New York State of the State
With Democrats in control in Albany, here’s an in-depth rundown of what’s up for debate.
Iron workers raise steel at 32nd floor of the Esso Building in New York City in 1954.
Here’s what state lawmakers are considering to tackle high infrastructure costs.
Traffic in Manhattan
Everyone agrees the MTA needs more money. If only the Democrats could agree on how to get it.
Julie Tighe left the DEC to run the League of Conservation Voters.
Tighe left the DEC to run the New York League of Conservation Voters.
The governor’s plans to revamp JFK, LaGuardia and Penn Station.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo opened the first span of the new Kosciusko Bridge with a light show synchronized to music.
Critics say the governor's marquee projects neglect the state’s less flashy infrastructure needs.
Critics say the major construction safety law enacted a year ago is being ignored.
Bogus training certificates are putting workers in danger, critics say.
A freight train in motion
A cross-harbor freight tunnel is essential to New York City’s continued existence, Rep. Jerrold Nadler says.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo ceremoniously unveils the second span of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo bridge.
Six major projects the governor is using to build his record.