Doordash bike delivery person.
New York lawmakers will pursue alternative measures to grant gig workers more employment benefits, even as some push for reclassifying them as employees.
Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center
Over 70% of musicians and DJs have lost more than three-quarters of their income during the pandemic, survey says.
Mayor Bill de Blasio on September 23rd.
Municipal unions have an edge in protecting their own against city budget cuts.
Protestors demanding safe schools on August 3, the National Day of Resistance.
After losing to progressive insurgents, will unions learn to love the DSA?
A New York State wage board has until the end of the year to decide on potential changes to overtime rules under the Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act.
The overtime threshold could be lowered to 40 hours a week, but farm owners say it would make labor costs too burdensome.
Transit workers march across the Brooklyn Bridge, in New York for a rally on the steps of City Hall in December 2002.
Despite a 1967 law making strikes illegal, there have been several prominent strikes by transit workers and teachers.
A bike delivery worker in NYC in March of this year.
Gig workers have been on the frontlines during the pandemic, but their fight for more employment benefits still continues.
New York State AFL-CIO President Mario Cilente.
These four open state Senate seats could determine the state’s approach to economic recovery in 2021.
A federal judge’s ruling on Tuesday ordered the state Department of Labor to begin providing unemployment benefits to Uber and Lyft drivers.
Uber, Lyft drivers score victory to be paid unemployment benefits.
The meaning of the term “front line worker” has shifted dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic.
De Blasio has thrown his support behind death benefits for NYC workers, but the measure would first have to pass in Albany.