Letitia James

New York State Attorney General Letitia on August 6th taking questions after announcing that New York State will sue the NRA. after announcing
Charity law experts say the allegations are bad enough to pursue dissolution, but that’s an unlikely outcome.
State Attorney General Letitia James announced that she is suing to dissolve the National Rifle Association.
Rounding up the week’s political news.
Grey box with words "Winners & Losers" written in black
Who's up and who's down this week?
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
The attorney general wants to stop the InfoWars talk show host from hawking products he claims kills coronavirus.
New York Attorney General Letitia James
A U.S. District Judge gave the go-ahead to the Spring and T-Mobile merger.
Attorney General Tish James and Assembly Speaker Corey Johnson during her campaign.
The attorney general is investigating minority lawmakers and the NYPD.
New York lost its groundbreaking civil lawsuit against oil giant Exxon Mobil, on Tuesday.
A judge ruled that the state attorney general failed to prove the oil giant defrauded investors.
 James discussed her own transition from politics to law enforcement – and how it caused her NYPD detective sister to quit.
The AG on going from public advocate to the head of law enforcement.
New York Attorney General Letitia James has sued the Trump administration 20 times in the first 11 months of 2019.
The AG’s biggest cases against the president