Marcos Crespo

New York state Assemblyman Marcos Crespo attending a Somos reception hosted by City & State in 2014.
Organizers have yet to release reports outlining what got discussed at past conferences.
An Uber vehicle.
Sen. Diane Savino will hold a public hearing on Tuesday to hear from stakeholders, gig workers and labor organizers.
Diane Savino
AB5 would turn gig workers into full employees, and New York may soon follow.
A delivery cyclist.
You may have OT, minimum wage and discrimination safeguards. Does your delivery guy?
A vintage New York City taxi medallion.
A proposed bill wants to make sure it is at least $175,000.
Uber app.
Both labor and industry are fighting the 11th-hour legislation.
Marcos Crespo
Four key Democratic lawmakers share their post-budget legislative priorities.
Wanted: a charter school champion.
NYC's charter school movement lacks the firepower it once had.
Maritza Davila
Brooklyn assemblywoman named to lead the Assembly’s Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force.