Melissa DeRosa

City & State Editor in Chief Ralph Ortega
The secretary of the governor is featured in this week’s cover story about the downward trajectory her public image is now taking.
Melissa DeRosa at a press conference in Sep. 2020.
Ongoing scandals have ended the secretary to the governor’s star turn.
Governor Cuomo and Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa
New York magazine and The New York Times published damning pieces about alleged workplace hostility and sexism in the governor’s office.
andrew cuomo surrounded by black cats
Will single-party control allow the governor to avoid the pitfalls that plagued his long-serving predecessors?
Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa discussing the highlights of the fiscal year 2019 budget, alongside Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Blame society, not the journalists who report on it, for the unequal distribution of power.