New York Executive Chamber

Molinaro Trump tweet
The Republican gubernatorial nominee has sought to distance himself from the president.
Stephanie Miner with Gov. Andrew Cuomo
The former Democratic mayor of Syracuse is running against Cuomo as an independent.
A collage of women in congress
New York women are jumping into congressional races in higher numbers.
Mayor Bill de Blasio announces NYCHA’s ten most infested developments will receive dry-ice abatement treatments
Recapping the top political news in New York this week.
Plastic bags floating in water.
Billions of plastic bags pollute NYC and Albany won’t let the city stop it.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces the second round of New York State Community Schools Initiative funding in 2014.
Cuomo is making districts report how they distribute aid to schools. Education experts say it's a distraction.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes an announcement at the Association for a Better New York breakfast on April 5, 2018.
The governor called for de Blasio to divert more city funds to the subways.
Penn Station
It's the ideal way to finance the station's reconstruction.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a room full of reporters discussing the 2019 state budget
It wasn't as painful as some feared, but future shortfalls still loom.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announcing the 2018-19 budget.
Federal tax workarounds, congestion pricing and more.