New York State Senate

Voting reforms illustration
Cuomo has proposed a number of election reforms. What difference would they make?
A donkey and an elephant split by the words "down the middle"
Wisdom has long held that making voting easier helps Democrats. Is it still true?
Andrew Cuomo student walkout
The governor joined students walking out to protest gun violence.
A voting box with the words "election reform"
Ranking New York's potential reforms, from most to least effective
The state has the right to decide what happens on New York City’s streets.
Zakiyah Ansari
AQE's Zakiyah Ansari criticizes her state senator for joining the IDC
Who can buy guns in New York, and what kind of guns can be purchased?
Jesse Hamilton
Racism cloaked in intellectual and moral superiority is still racism.
Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul
The state Legislature should require free menstrual products in public schools.
Andrea Marra
Andrea Marra wants to be NY’s first transgender state senator