New York State Senate

Hudson Valley, New York
Who’s a champion of the planet, and who wants to keep mercury in lightbulbs.
Long Island City
Community development tax break is benefiting the wealthy.
Diane Savino
AB5 would turn gig workers into full employees, and New York may soon follow.
It could boost turnout, but hurt congressional and state legislative challengers.
Assembly Energy Committee Chairman Michael Cusick.
Lawmakers held a hearing on the July blackouts, but they’re still waiting for answers.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
The commission that could determine the fate of the WFP and Conservative Party has its first meeting on Wednesday.
New York Sen. Alessandra Biaggi presides over a public hearing on sexual harassment in the workplace,
They’re hoping to spread the word about the Child Victims Act’s one-year “look-back” period.
Money under an umbrella.
Legislators and the state’s top regulator offer their insights.
Former IDC member David Carlucci passed 61 bills, the most in the Senate.
The IDC’s last two former members aren’t just surviving – they’re thriving.
Numerous umbrellas connected and intertwined.
You haven’t heard the last of single-payer and the Scaffold Law.