New York State

New York State Senator Robert Jackson
Nearly two dozen state lawmakers have endorsed the accused mayoral hopeful and called on the governor to resign.
What do district leaders do?
The gateway to New York politics. Sort of.
A December 2019 protest against weakening gun laws held outside the Supreme Court.
Trump appointees threaten strict licensing requirements for carrying firearms.
NYC’s former census czar Julie Menin.
Julie Menin shared her frustrations with the state’s census efforts.
People sitting outside at a bar in Alphabet City on October 24th.
You don’t have to worry about “Cuomo chips” anymore.
New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera
A successful single-payer system would give employees of small businesses more access to health care.
A join session of Congress.
But the state only needed 89 more people to fill out the census to keep all 27 of its House seats.
The Last Stand March for Relief at Foley Square on March 31, 2021.
A quick deal gives Democratic lawmakers four more months to figure out how to avoid a potential tidal wave of residential and commercial evictions.
Pollution in New York City
New legislation aims to raise billions of dollars to fund a “just transition” away from fossil fuels.