New York State

New York Sen. Alessandra Biaggi presides over a public hearing on sexual harassment in the workplace,
State lawmakers question the federal and state standards in place.
Fiancés Jonathan Westin and Camille Rivera.
Celebrating Valentine's Day with the state's political power couples.
Robert Mujica with Andrew Cuomo
The state budget director says the MTA will factor into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s upcoming budget updates.
Michael Gianaris faces off against Andrew Cuomo
Assessing the issues that could divide the state Senate Democrats – and the long-term effects.
Alessandra Biaggi
There's no pork in their bills.
A close-up view of Benjamin Franklin on the 100 dollar bill
Limit influence of big money by reducing contribution limits and match small contributions.
Assemblyman Joseph Lentol in the Assembly Chamber at the Capitol in Albany
Assemblyman Joseph Lentol is taking another shot with his Airbnb-backed bill.
New York Board of Regents meets at its February 2019 meeting to discuss students taking alternative assessments.
With more pathways to a high school diploma, New York education officials wonder about student success after graduation.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo at a meeting of the Long Island Association in Woodbury, Long Island
Long Island Democrats reportedly complained about the opposition to Amazon’s HQ2. How serious is the rift?
Jelena Kovacenic, Fred Wilson and Desiree Gruber.
Always a hub for innovation, recent events in New York have created a new era of influencers.