New York State

Cynthia Nixon
Upstate voters and Latinos are less likely to have an opinion on the actress.
Cynthia Nixon
The gubernatorial challenger needs to make inroads among voters of color in New York City.
Second Avenue subway construction
City taxes should not be diverted to the MTA without local input.
State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia explains the difference between the two proposals.
Christine Marinoni vs. Sandra Lee
Cynthia Nixon's candidacy puts her wife in the spotlight.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo
The governor would undo two decades of progress by slashing NYC's resources.
Bill de Blasio prekindergarten
De Blasio's expansion needs funding, and is heading into uncharted waters.
Andrew Cuomo Smart Schools
And Cuomo’s Foundation Aid formula will do little to fix it.
A SWAT team member roaming the halls of a school
Felder's school safety bill could impact which party he caucuses with
school with playing field in the Bronx.
State Foundation Aid is underfunded.