New York State

Bill de Blasio prekindergarten
De Blasio's expansion needs funding, and is heading into uncharted waters.
Andrew Cuomo Smart Schools
And Cuomo’s Foundation Aid formula will do little to fix it.
A SWAT team member roaming the halls of a school
Felder's school safety bill could impact which party he caucuses with
school with playing field in the Bronx.
State Foundation Aid is underfunded.
Voting reforms illustration
Cuomo has proposed a number of election reforms. What difference would they make?
NY State Senate Deputy Majority Leader John DeFrancisco
The all-important county officials are lining up behind both GOP gubernatorial candidates.
A donkey and an elephant split by the words "down the middle"
Wisdom has long held that making voting easier helps Democrats. Is it still true?
Andrew Cuomo student walkout
The governor joined students walking out to protest gun violence.
A voting box with the words "election reform"
Ranking New York's potential reforms, from most to least effective
The state has the right to decide what happens on New York City’s streets.