The NYS budget includes $10 million in support for Asian American organizations.
Boosted pay for human services workers, support for Asian American organizations and more.
Bill de Blasio at the Campaign Against Hunger Food Pantry
Reimbursement will be even lower than it was last year, when the initiative’s funding was cut.
NYC relies on nonprofits like the Bronx Parent Housing Network to combat homelessness.
The Bronx Parent Housing Network fired its CEO for allegedly sexually abusing and harassing shelter residents and employees. His successor has already been replaced.
Marsha's House, a shelter for LGBTQ youth in the Bronx.
Organizations are unsure whether the city will reimburse them for costs they were promised would be covered.
Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers remarks at the Christian Cultural Center’s PPE and food distribution.
Advocates say the cuts will disproportionately affect small grassroots organizations.
Staff at homeless shelters and food banks are essential, but haven’t received the same calls of support.
Governor Cuomo on March 30th.
The state budget expands the Department of State’s oversight of nonprofits.
City Councilman Keith Powers was one politician who sent a letter calling for advances on existing nonprofit contracts.
Organizations point to New York City’s commitment to continued funding as a model for the state.
In an effort to help students during the COVID-19 crisis students can pick up food at NYC schools this week.
Charities are feeling the strain as New York City tries to feed its students and elderly.
Nonprofits major donors are kept confidential, Gov. Cuomo is trying to change that.
The governor wants to make major donors to nonprofits public despite losing a legal battle over a similar 2016 law.