NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission

What problems will the new taxi chief have to deal with?
There’s a whole stack of issues waiting for TLC Commissioner Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk.
NYC taxi drivers are facing a taxi medallion loan crisis.
Experts weigh in on whether an app, surge pricing or a bailout can stop the industry’s implosion.
New York City traffic.
A Manhattan Supreme Court judge dismissed the company’s suit against a New York City law.
Yellow taxi cab
Giving cabs access to the most advanced technology would enable them to compete.
Lyft car
Acting TLC head Bill Heinzen fields questions from lawmakers and advocates alike.
New York City yellow cabs.
How New York politicians are responding to the medallion crisis.
NYC Council Member Mark Levine speaks at a press conference with taxi drivers on the steps of NY City Hall calling for debt forgiveness for their medallions, July 11.
'Those folks got the carpet pulled out from under them.'
A vintage New York City taxi medallion.
A proposed bill wants to make sure it is at least $175,000.
A wheelchair user getting into a car.
But advocates argue much more needs to be done.
Ubers in New York City.
The TLC Data Hub features data from for-hire vehicles, yellow taxis, green taxis, and other shared rides across the city.