Black Lives Matter protesters and NYPD officers have a confrontation near City Hall Park.
Rounding up the week’s political news
New York City Police Department officers on patrol.
A federal judge temporarily blocked their release until mid-August.
Black Lives Matter protestors confronted by the NYPD on the Brooklyn Bridge on July 15th.
Rounding up the week’s political news
Twenty-seven shootings occurred over the July 4 weekend in New York City.
Robert Holden, Joe Borelli and the PBA say other elected officials have invited crime.
Signs and tents at the Occupy City Hall protest where protestors are demanding that the NYPD be defunded.
The mayor and the City Council did some fuzzy math to arrive at $1B in cuts.
The Surrogate Court building across from City Hall where Occupy City Hall protestors are demanding that the New York City Council vote to defund the NYPD.
Some dissent on both the right and the left.
Bill de Blasio 062520
De Blasio promises ‘very substantial’ NYPD cuts. The City Council wants $1 billion.
Protestors occupy City Hall demanding Mayor de Blasio slash the NYPD's budget for the third day on June 25th.
Rounding up the week’s political news.
Protestors at City Hall on June 24, 2020.
Hundreds of activists are camping out, calling for a $1 billion cut to the police budget.