De Blasio's coziness with the NYPD may be the nail in his coffin.
The NYC mayor isn’t going to resign – but the last week will hurt his legacy.
First Lady Chirlane McGray meets with then-New York City Police Department Commissioner James O'Neill and then-Deputy Commissioner of Collaborative Policing in the NYPD Susan Herman at Safe Horizon, discussing how to help victims of crime and violence hea
The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a mental health crisis, and recent turmoil amid protests against police brutality may make it more acute.
Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch.
NYPD officer unions taught the NYC mayor a lesson in 2014. He hasn’t forgotten it.
As protests over the murder of George Floyd rage on, the NYPD are increasing the risk  for both protestors and themselves but not wearing masks.
The large gatherings of cops and protesters could exacerbate the coronavirus threat.
Protesters demonstrating the death of George Floyd faceoff against the NYPD on May 29th in Park Slope.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced there will be an independent review into the protests.
Protesters at City Hall on May 28th demonstrating against the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers.
The NYC mayor thinks Minneapolis should do what New York didn’t.
NYC crossing guard
The city isn’t thinking strategically about whose job it can get by without – at least not yet.
NYPD Officers in Astoria Park on May 3, 2020.
Social distancing regulations raise new challenges for police and old questions of racially disparate enforcement.
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The measure, which would let judges assess dangerousness, faces opposition in the Assembly.
NYPD announces public guidelines for facial recognition technology usage.
In an effort to increase transparency the NYPD released public guidelines on facial recognition usage.