Nita Lowey
The longtime Congress member blazed a trail on women’s rights.
Nurse-staffed adult day health care programs served roughly 8,000 chronically ill patients across New York.
Families rely on them to provide necessary care so that primary caregivers can go to work.
17 percent of taxpayers earning six-figures or more account for 80 percent of New York City's income tax revenue.
The city’s tax system is heavily dependent on high earners.
New York animal shelters are too quick to “euthanize” animals that are not really dangerous or too ill.
Animals displaying signs of stress just need proper support from their shelter.
The poll site at P.S. 219 in East Flatbush.
My Election Day side hustle raised some concerns.
Donald Trump greets guests on the South Lawn of the White House on October 27th.
The media made him, and the media can break him.
David Dinkins and Rudolph Giuliani at the Mayoral debate in November 1989.
In retrospect, Dinkins looks better and Giuliani looks worse than when they left office.
NYPD officers in May 2020.
After George Floyd was killed, New York City only pretended to change policing.
President-elect Joe Biden
They need a message that combines both race and class.
“We can’t breathe” is an accurate representation of what it means to be Black in the United States in 2020 more broadly.
Here’s what needs to happen to end COVID-19 racial disparities.