Krysten Copeland, right, led communications strategy for Rep. Yvette Clarke's successful primary campaign.
Despite running successful campaigns again and again, many Black women still face barriers to being heard.
Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem played a key roll in the civil rights movement.
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The newest member of the New York City Council, Kevin Riley
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Congressman Gregory Meeks in September 2020.
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Rudy Giuliani
He was already making a fool of himself as Trump’s lawyer, but 2020 spelled the end for America’s mayor.
Mayor Bill de Blasio
Yup. Here are a few!
Council Member of the 17th District in the Bronx Rafael Salamanca Jr.
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David Dinkins with Keith Wright, former Dinkins staffer when he was borough president.
A gentle man who devoted his life to public service, advocated for disability rights and racial harmony
Eric Adams graduating from the police academy in 1984.
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