Dr. Oxiris Barbot
A Q&A with Dr. Oxiris Barbot on contact tracing and what the “new normal” will look like.
Carrie and Samantha reading City & State.
Who’s the Mr. Big of New York politics?
Governor Cuomo is having a moment.
The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in sometimes over-the-top praise of the governor.
Rep. Jerry Nadler talked to City & State on why Congress shouldn't be in session and Trump's latest task force.
Rep. Jerry Nadler on the next federal stimulus bill, funding the MTA and Trump’s ‘nonsense’ task force.
Governor Cuomo on March 31st during one of his coronavirus updates.
Slideshows captioned for the coronavirus era.
Governor Cuomo is a man of action, so we made him into an action figure.
Accessories included. Some assembly required.
State Senator Gustavo Rivera in 2015.
The state senator warns of overreach as Cuomo pushes to pass an early budget.
Who will win the Albany beard wars?
Seven well-groomed lawmakers. Only one will make the cut.
Shelley Mayer, chair of the state Senate Committee on Education
Lawmakers are aiming to block some of the governor’s education proposals as talks get underway to pass a budget by the end of the week.
Connie Britton supports her former roommate Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at her presidential campaign kickoff.
We know these New York leaders. But we don’t know them like their roommates.