Peter King

Rep. Peter King.
Assembly Members Andrew Garbarino and Mike LiPetri clash for the chance to keep the Long Island congressional seat Republican.
Democrats hope to flip his Long Island seat, but Republicans aren’t conceding.
Rep. Peter King.
The lion of Long Island won’t be running for reelection. Here’s why.
New York state is much more likely than congressional Democrats to beat Trump in court.
Their statements fell short of calling the president’s comments racist.
Rep. Peter King.
Rep. Peter King is facing backlash for blocking people on Facebook.
Reps. Peter King, John Katko and Chris Collins.
How will the New York GOP contend with their shrinking ranks at home and in Washington?
Former New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.
Scandals and a "blue wave" shook up the city's power structure.
Antonio Delgado
The blue wave arrived in the Empire State.
Liuba Grechen Shirley
Democrat Liuba Grechen Shirley may not be able to knock off Rep. Peter King, but she’s impressed her party.