Flame resistant furniture
Lobbyists planted stories in local media outlets with quotes from a tenant organizer who never spoke to them.
As the climate changes, New York City is getting hotter and putting more people’s health at risk.
Air conditioning is a lifeline, and it’s expensive. There are policies that can help.
Pollution in New York City
New legislation aims to raise billions of dollars to fund a “just transition” away from fossil fuels.
Lou Cicigline, a retired state corrections sergeant, surveys Danskammer from across the Hudson, near his home in the hamlet of Chelsea.
Can the state meet its ambitious green energy goals if it permits an increased burning of fracked gas?
New legislation would require future NYPD officers to live in New York City. The police union argues the cost of living is too high and salaries are too low.
It could improve community relations, but unions object and even some reform advocates are unenthused.
NYPD officers arresting protestors at Union Square on the evening of Nov. 4, 2020.
The NYPD has blown past its nominal cap for years without consequence.
NYPD officers made a violent arrest of a black man, but will they face any consequences?
The Democratic candidates all have proposals, some with many common features.
New York is ahead of other large states when it comes to the number of vaccinated people per 100,000 residents.
New York has used the convenient one-shot vaccine for homebound seniors and public housing residents.
State Capitol
Health care, parole reform and climate change legislation could complicate the second half of the 2021 state legislative session.
Chair of the Senate Finance Committee Liz Krueger on March 30, 2021.
Between Democratic supermajorities and mounting crises, the governor seems to have caved on some major sticking points on legal weed.