Chair of the Senate Finance Committee Liz Krueger on March 30, 2021.
Between Democratic supermajorities and mounting crises, the governor seems to have caved on some major sticking points on legal weed.
City & State and Type Investigations spent more than a year investigating long-standing concerns about the Office of Professional Medical Conduct.
Internal whistleblowers say a branch of the state Department of Health was reluctant to penalize accused physicians.
The 135th street subway station in Manhattan.
NY’s rebound depends on trimming the MTA’s operating budget while maintaining efficient service.
Brooklyn Marine Terminal
Debate remains over whether it could coexist with Industry City rezoning.
Senator Chuck Schumer
GOP-led Senate would likely mean less COVID-19 relief funding.
The Manhattan Detention Complex known as "The Tombs."
Prisoners have just a week left to claim their stimulus checks. But many say they have not been provided with the paperwork.
Members of the Protect Our Places Coalition celebrating passage of Intro 245, the bill to protect places of worship and other not-for-profit owned properties from the city’s annual tax lien sale.
Churches and synagogues have been facing tax liens for bills they didn’t owe.
The statewide plastic bag ban will take effect on March 1.
Environmentalists say new rules are too permissive and the plastics industry says they are too restrictive.
Apartments in Manhattan.
Multiple tenants have reported that brokers are still trying to charge them considerable fees.
Traffic on the Throngs Neck Bridge.
Members of the panel setting fees and exemptions have yet to be named, but here’s what’s known.