Richard Gottfried

Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried.
The longtime progressive legislator has stories to tell after 50 years in office.
Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried.
Assembly Health Committee Chair said state needs to codify pandemic lessons learned.
Hands rolling a joint
Negotiations stalled over the weekend, but there are back-up bills
New York Senator Jamaal Bailey speaking to a crowd about the bipartisan legislation to establish the nation's first commission to investigate prosecutorial misconduct in 2018.
Decreasing solitary confinement, parole reform among issues being considered.
A patient receives a vaccination.
Hot-button issues span vaccines, single-payer health care and the Medical Aid in Dying Act.
Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried speaking during the "Making Health Coverage Available and Affordable to All New Yorkers" panel at City & State's Healthy NY Summit, Wednesday morning.
But the hot-button health care issue is only heating up.
A busy New York City doctor's office.
The two lawmakers have yet to convince Gov. Andrew Cuomo, though
ew York Assemblyman Richard Gottfried.
The Manhattan Democrat has been pushing a bill over a quarter century.
Nursing home care.
Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care for the elderly and disabled. The state should.
Alessandra Biaggi
There's no pork in their bills.