Richard Gottfried

Besides single-payer health care, several other health care issues are expected to be at the top of the agenda.
From codifying Roe v. Wade to legalizing recreational marijuana.
Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to back the New York Health Act.
A medical marijuana cultivator sorts through the male and female plants.
The two markets would likely coexist, but with inconsistencies.
Visits to primary care providers are down. What would New York policymakers do to revitalize primary health care?
The 30th Street Men's Shelter in the former Bellevue Hospital building
"Thats crazy," Speaker Johnson says after introducing new water tank laws.
The U.S. Supreme Court
Both conservatives and union members question bill to circumvent Supreme Court ruling.
Girl smoking week closeup
State lawmakers tout the potential health benefits of opening marijuana up to everyone.
Richard Gottfried, Mitchell Katz and Carlina Rivera weigh in.