Suraj Patel

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cynthia Nixon
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory could be the first of many upsets
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You probably didn't vote in the primaries, so vote for this week's Winners & Losers!
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez early in her campaign, speaking at the 'Future of the City' rally and youth march hosted by Black Lives Matter of Greater New York.
Other progressive insurgent candidates did not succeed in toppling Democratic incumbents.
US National Capitol in Washington, DC.
Tracking the winners and losers in each district.
Incumbent District 11 Rep. Dan Donovan with his opponent, and former Rep., Michael Grimm and state Assembly member Nicole Malliotakis
Tracking the most competitive races in New York's first of two primaries this year.
An image Suraj Patel's campaign disseminated for supporters to use on their Tinder accounts.
Why stand outside a subway station when you can catfish voters on dating apps?
Suraj Patel and Rep. Carolyn Maloney.
In a microcosm of Democratic divisions, a young candidate challenges a veteran congresswoman.