Tesla billionaire Elon Musk
The tech billionaire has so much more to offer than electric garbage trucks. Like tiny submarines and dubious investment advice.
Screenshot from the new EquityNYC website.
New data shows the city’s race and gender gaps on health, economic and educational indicators.
Gov. Cuomo on Feb. 19, 2021.
A proposal in Cuomo’s executive budget would make it harder for companies to share and sell user data but some say it only scratches the surface of privacy concerns.
COVID-19 Vaccine
New York had months to prepare for rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine, and yet signing up for a vaccination is complicated and difficult. Here’s why.
The coronavirus revealed the cracks in New York's foundation.
Experts, advocates and lawmakers on the ambitious policies that could remake New York after the pandemic.
Remote learning set-up.
State lawmakers and activists say better late than never in expanding Internet access for millions of people during the coronavirus pandemic.
Many New York City students are sill waiting on laptops and tablets to make remote learning possible.
New reports reveal that students still do not have tablets or internet service required to participate in remote classes.
On Thursday, the City Council voted to extend a cap on fees that the delivery apps can charge restaurants.
New York City will continue to cap fees paid to the likes of Grubhub and Postmates.
NYPD cameras sign in Manhattan.
Legislation three years in the making will require the police to disclose information about facial recognition and other tools.
Elon Musk promised to reopen Tesla’s factory in Buffalo to produce ventilators “as soon as humanly possible.”
What we know and what we don’t know about Musk’s promises to help New York during the coronavirus crisis.