An NYPD officer wearing a department-issued body camera.
The company that makes the cameras already offers the feature – the police just don’t use it.
A new City Council proposal hopes to introduce more technological expertise to city government.
Two New York City lawmakers are launching a moonshot bid to introduce more technological expertise to city government.
Mayor Bill de Blasio
NYC mayor joins ranks of lawmakers using a disappearing messaging service.
Will congestion pricing happen in New York?
Governor Cuomo expressed doubt about passing the Manhattan vehicle tolling plan.
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First Read Tech talks to Micah Kotch, managing director at Urban-X.
There might be an end in sight for one conflict between NYC and Airbnb.
Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.
Will the former presidential candidate make a run for City Hall?
New York Attorney General Letitia James
A U.S. District Judge gave the go-ahead to the Spring and T-Mobile merger.
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First Read Tech talks to CEO of New Lab, Shaun Stewart.
Facial recognition technologies are receiving criticism.
The New York-based start up is receiving demands to stop using data from other platforms.